Article 1 : Scope
Article 2 : Account registration
Article 3 : Identification Methods
Article 4 : Representative (Proxy)
Article 5 : Payment Objections
Article 6 : Access Denial
Article 7 : Availability of Services
Article 8 : Developments of BICIG Net
Article 9 : Availability of funds
Article 10 : Information and Assistance
Article 11 : Financial Conditions
Article 12 : Recommendations
Article 13 : Implementation of Services - Bank's Liability
Article 14 : Subscriber's Liability
Article 15 : Proof of instructions and of operations
Article 16 : Duration of the subscription - Termination
Article 17 : Amendment to the Agreement
Article 18 : Privacy
Article 19 : Contract Documents and applicable law

Article 1 : Scope

This agreement defines the conditions under which the BANQUE INTERNATIONALE POUR LE COMMERCE ET L'INDUSTRIE DU GABON (hereinafter, designated "the Bank" or "BICIG") provides its client (hereinafter designated " Subscriber " ) who accepts, BICIG Net, an online service of banking and financial information, of consulting of bank accounts and of placing of bank orders. Depending on technological developments, BICIG Net will also be available through other channels or through remote communication terminals.

Article 2 : Account Registration

2.1 Selection of accounts and services.

The Subscriber shall, upon registration, determine the accounts he wishes to register under this subscription. Unless explicitly requested by the Subscriber, all registered accounts enjoy automatically and as they are made available, all the services offered by BICIG Net depending on the type of each account..
2.2 Individual subscription

Subscriber may include accounts opened in his name alone as well as joint accounts of which he is co-owner.

2.2 Individual Subscription

Such a subscription can only be done once jointly signed by co-owners. Joint accounts between co-subscribers as well as accounts which they are or shall be holders individually may be included.
Unless otherwise specified, all provisions for the Subscriber will automatically apply to each co-subscriber.

2.3 Reciprocal Proxy

Because of the very nature of a joint subscription, co-subscribers give each other power of attorney to subscribe to BICIG Net any account opened or to be opened in the personal name of each of them and to make in the accounts thus registered any transaction achievable through this product in accordance with this Agreement.
The denunciation of this proxy, by either of the co-subscribers shall result in the cancellation of the subscription. It shall be notified by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to the branch office that maintains the billing account.

Article 3 : Identification conditions & security

The Subscriber accesses BICIG Net after identifying himself by entering a two-key n umber composed of the subscriber number and a digital PIN, which are both provided by the Bank. The PIN is sent by the Bank to the Subscriber by ordinary mail at his billing account.
The components of this key are transmitted to the subscriber as strictly private and for personal use. He shall therefore refrain from disclosing it to any third party.
The Subscriber may, at his initiative and at any time, change his PIN, which is advisable to do often times. It is also recommended not to choose a PIN that is easily detectable by a third party (such as date of birth, for example).
The PIN is strictly confidential. It runs on telecommunications networks in an encrypted form. .

Article 4 : Representative

The Subscriber may empower a representative of his choice to view and perform operations on individual accounts registered with BICIG Net. The representative, if jointly appointed by the co-subscribers, can only access the registered joint accounts.
The Bank assigns a specific subscriber number to the representative and a secret numeric code that must be changed at first logon.
The rules of confidentiality and the presumption provided below (Article 14) apply to the representative.
Under the rules of this mandate, any transaction performed or deemed by the representative commits the Subscriber, as if it had been made by him.

Article 5 : Objections

The Subscriber, and in the case of a group subscription, each co-subscriber, acting separately, may oppose access to BICIG Net through the Subscriber's or the representative's access key. The same applies for the representative in respect of his own key.
Any opposition that has not been formally signed by the Subscriber (or by a representative as far as his subscriber's number is concerned) must be immediately confirmed by letter, delivered or shipped via registered mail to the headquarters of the Bank holding the billing account.
At his specific request, the Subscriber may obtain restoration of his access or that of his representative to BICIG Net.

Article 6 : Access Denial

The entering of a wrong key after several attempts (a maximum of 3) results in the blocking of the account. For security reasons, the number of logins made with the same PIN is limited. When reaching the set number of logins, the user is informed by on-screen display, that he is required to change his secret code.
The Bank reserves the right to suspend access to BICIG Net in general or through the use of a special access key, should it suspects or comes across presumed fraudulent use or attempted fraudulent use of its services. It immediately informs the parties concerned by any means at its convenience.

Article 7 : Availability of Services

7.1 Consultation

"Cash "Account balances and details of past transactions.

7.2 Transfert

Subject to availability of funds (see Article 9) and in accordance with the upper limit set by the Bank (as described under "Help"), transfers may be made for accounts opened within the Bank's books, listed in the subscription.
Transfer for immediate execution is performed on the same day if the order is entered on a working day and before the time limit specified under "Help / Transfers". Or else, implementation will occur during processing of the next business day.
Transfer for deferred execution can be cancelled until the day before the requested execution date as far as the cancellation is entered before the time limit specified under "Help / Transfers".

Article 8 : Funds Developments of BICIG Net

Depending, in particular, on technological developments the Bank shall provide BICIG Net with changes and adjustments that it deems necessary or desirable.
The Bank shall inform the Subscriber of the implementation of these developments by any means including by information on the website under the heading "Help".
The Bank reserves the right to modify or to remove any services it deems appropriate in light of technical developments and regulations.

Article 9 : Availability of funds

Any order taking involving the debiting of a registered account shall only be made provided that at the time of performing of the said operation, the account to be debited contains sufficient and available funds.
To ascertain the existence of these funds, the computer system of BICIG reflects the ongoing accounting operations available in its database.

Article 10 : Information and Assistance

10.1 The Subscriber can get acquainted with the product through the guided tour available to him.
10.2 Useful information on the functioning and developments of BICIG Net and its various services are available under "Help" that the Subscriber is encouraged to consult regularly. They shall also be regularly brought to the attention of the Subscriber through newsletters and messages disseminated by the Bank.

Article 11 : Financial Conditions

11.1 BICIG Net subscription is invoiced monthly in arrears.
The amount charged includes a membership fee. Additional billing per transaction exists for some transactions.
11.2 The Subscriber expressly authorizes the Bank to collect the amounts due under this agreement on the billing account.

11.3 Rates are specified to the Subscriber upon subscription.
Any changes in rates or billing arrangements will be notified to the Subscriber by any means, including under "Help" from BICIG Net, thirty (30) days before the date of entry into force.
The Subscriber may terminate this agreement if he does not accept the changes.
The use of BICIG Net, after the entry into force of the rate changes shall constitute the acceptance thereof by the Subscriber. 11.4 The settlement of communications is the personal matter of the Subscriber. Cost for the said communications is set and directly charged by the operator of the telecommunications network.

Article 12 : Recommendations

12.1 In order to protect the confidentiality of its data bank, the Subscriber is requested to take adequate measures, according to his own software in order, either to prevent data accessed from being stored in his personal computer's memory or to erase them after consultation.
If he downloads bank data on management software, the Subscriber shall endeavour to prevent access to unauthorized parties.

11.2 It is, on the other hand, the Subscriber's responsibility to take all appropriate measures to protect data and / or software stored or loaded on his computer equipment from contamination by viruses or intrusion attempts.

Article 13 : Implementation Services - Bank's liability

13.1 The Bank agrees to make every effort, within the state of the art, to operate BICIG Net in optimal conditions, and to ensure the good execution of banking orders received and maintain the privacy of the information received. To this effect, all data and especially bank data, the subscriber number and PIN circulating on telecommunications networks are routinely encrypted.
BICIG Net Services are available 24/24 and 7 / 7, subject to occasional but necessary technical maintenance and updating of computer databases.

13.2 The Bank, however, cannot be held liable for any malfunction or improper operation of the service as a result of events which it has no control over, such as:
- Data transport, failure in the operation of hardware or telecommunications networks or any error attributable to the managers of these telecommunications networks,
- Service interruptions occurring fortuitously or due to force majeure or any event likely to impede the normal operation of BICIG Net (such as social conflict, even partial, occurring at the Bank or at any other provider involved in the operating of BICIG Net, failure of electricity supply etc. ...),
- Malfunctioning of the Subscriber's equipment.

Article 14 : Subscriber's liability

The Subscriber is responsible for the conservation and use of his PIN.
In case of a joint subscription, the co-subscribers are jointly responsible for the conservation and use of the PIN.
It is therefore expressly agreed that any consultation or order preceded by the subscriber's number and PIN, is deemed to be emanating from the Subscriber himself (from his representative if this key belongs to this latter or from one of the co-subscribers in case of a joint subscription).

Article 15 : Proof of instructions and operations

15.1 The information provided under this contract does not include transactions currently underway. The Subscriber is therefore required to monitor the periodic account statements sent by the Bank, which solely are authentic.

15.2 The validation of orders results in the automatic assignment by the Bank's computer systems of a transaction number. It is recommended that Subscriber keeps record of these numbers to facilitate research in case of inquiry or complaint.
15.3 The Bank shall furnish proof of orders received through BICIG Net and of subsequent transactions and justifies the inclusion of these transactions in the accounts listed in the subscription through the summary of transactions made daily and automatically by its systems and maintained by it, on computer software, for three months.
After this period, the Subscriber will be deemed to have approved the transactions brought to his attention and no claims concerning them will be admissible.

Article 16 : Duration of the subscription - Termination

Subscription to BICIG Net is concluded for an indefinite period, taking effect from the date of subscription.
The Subscriber may, at any time terminate his subscription by written notification to the branch office holding the billing account. The termination will take effect from the date of receipt by the Bank of the notification.
Unless gross negligence of the Subscriber (or any of its representative) or lack of payment of sums due under this agreement, the Bank may terminate the subscription by giving thirty (30) days notice.
The Bank will notify the Subscriber by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

Article 17 : Amendment to the Agreement

Any amendment to this Agreement shall be notified to the Subscriber at least thirty days before the date of entry into force, by any means, including under the heading "Your Messages" or through specific messages or included in the Newsletters sent by the Bank to the Subscriber.
The current version of the BICIG Net Agreement is available at any time on BICIG Net, under "BICIG NET Agreement".
In case of disagreement, the Subscriber has the right to terminate his subscription, without notice.
In the absence of written expression of his hand, at the expiration of that period, the Subscriber will be deemed to have accepted the amendment.

Article 18 : Privacy

The Bank undertakes to use the information collected within the framework of BICIG Net solely for the necessities of their management and to meet legal and regulatory obligations.
This information allows exercise of rights of access provided by the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Gabon.
Subscriber and, where applicable, his representative expressly authorize the Bank to communicate, with companies which it could outsource some work, the data necessary for execution thereof. .

Article 19 : Contract Documents and applicable law

19.1 BICIG Net agreement consists of this text and the membership form subject to amendments or attachments that would alter or supplement its provisions.
19.2 This agreement is subject to Gabonese law .

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